Nano Scanning






Nano Scanning

Nano Scanning is a scientific visualization of a HIV molecule. It was a competition entry for the AutoPACK Visualization Challenge. It uses a customized applet developed in Processing to draw the structure of the molecule.

In 3Ds Max, an initial render of the model created a beauty pass, ambient occlusion and z-depth pass. In Processing, a point cloud was generated, and agents tuned the surface formation of the molecule, using perlin noise. Reiterations simulated an aesthetic of surface-data scanning.

The project is at heart, a scientific illustration, however this expanded interpretation of scientific visualization connects the human scale that needs to understand what it sees, with the material or mathematic scale of abstract data. The work is as much as about exploring the technique of visualization, as it is about what an accurate scientific visualization is. It is about exploring the fabric and digital texture of data. It speculates on ideas of large data sets and [in]complete information.