Film Survey






A Cinematic Survey

A tracking shot of the eroding boundary line of a salt marsh at Two Tree Island, UK.

The tracking shot was conceived as a form of cinematic survey, to accompany other surveys of chemistry and laser scanning of the same site.

Shot in high-definition, the camera tracks the seawards boundary line of the saltmarsh, plotting its eroding morphology. The terrain is rough and unstable; the image glides fluidly through unhindered space, presenting a coherent, seductive yet artificial view of this particular site.

“The panorama homogenises diversity through the ‘fictional’ representation of a single moment”. It suggests that a seamless spectacle of space is “potentially stable and supreme”. Cosmograms, Jean-Christophe Royoux

This mode of representation seeks to capture the saltmarsh landscape through it’s formal motion through space, but it fails to account for the complexity of the site. As a design tactic, it is presented as a failure, in its attempt to co-opt space, and it in turn provokes the question: what is it that we are trying to assess, to quantify, and what is the drive?

Crew: Jake Hardy, Director of Photography; Dave Williams, Focus Puller; James McLauchlan, Clapper Loader; Russell Hall, Grip; Mike Davis, Grip
Filmed on a Sony EX1









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